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Green Building Council of Australia recognises the ACRS Sustainable Steel Certification Scheme under its Responsible Products Framework


29 November 2022, SydneyACRS (the Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels), the leading independent, third-party steel certification authority of construction steels to Australian and New Zealand Standards, and CARES, the leading international constructional steel certification authority, have today announced that their Sustainable Constructional Steels Certification Scheme (‘SCS’ or the ‘the Scheme’) has been recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) under its Responsible Products Framework (‘the Framework’). 

The Framework is used by the GBCA to recognise initiatives that a product or manufacturer can comply with for the purposes of contributing to a Green Star certification. As part of the Framework, the SCS Scheme has been recognised as Best Practice across all four of the Framework’s credits. These cover building Structure; Envelope; Systems and Finishes. 

With the SCS Scheme, steel producers and processors will be able to achieve Best Practice credits towards Green Star Building compliance. They will also be able to achieve compliance by using other Schemes in combination with the SCS Scheme to achieve either ‘Good practice’ or ‘Best practice’ product criteria.

Commenting on the GBCA recognition of the SCS Scheme, Andrew Wheeler, Executive Director of ACRS, said:

 “We are delighted the SCS Scheme has received this recognition from the GBCA and to now be contributing towards the Green Star rating system. The SCS Scheme is an internationally recognised, best-in-class sustainability scheme with thirteen years of experience in the steel industry. 

 “Working closely with our partners at GBCA and our certificate holders we look forward to helping the Australian construction industry verify the steel being used as being produced using the most sustainable practices as the industry is capable of achieving and to always look for ways to improve this as we head towards net zero by 2050.”

Lee Brankley, CEO of CARES said:

 “Steel is a safety critical component in all major structures and responsible clients rightly seek the assurance that comes with confirmation the products they specify meet the highest standards in the sector. Knowing their products also meet stretching sustainability criteria set out by highly regarded bodies, such as the GBCA, is a further positive endorsement of the choices these clients are making. CARES welcomes this as an additional sign of confidence in the standards set out in the SCS Scheme.” 

The SCS Scheme verifies construction steels entering Australia from anywhere in the world meets the global environmental, social and ethical standards, using independent certification of ESG criteria and performance indicators.

Australian and international steel producers are working hard to reduce their emissions – around 7% of global CO2 emissions[1] are generated by the industry. The SCS Scheme will help steel producers and processors measure, monitor and improve the sustainability performance of their products and will strengthen industry efforts already underway to combat greenhouse gas emissions. 

[1] IEA (2020), The challenge of reaching zero emissions in heavy industry, IEA, Paris

Provides a clear public benefit

The Scheme aligns to the UN convened Sustainable Development Goals - ‘The Global Goals’ - and measures and monitors a comprehensive range of criteria through the global supply chain. Raw material and transport data, combined with independently verified production and life cycle emissions data, supports the development of products’ Carbon Footprint and Environmental Product Declarations. This enables accurate data, for example the Global Warming Potential, per tonne of product, to be easily accessed by designers and specifiers. On product bar marking and digital product labelling allow 100% traceability on all verified products from manufacture to site. 

Supporting international trade and commerce

The Scheme already certifies 42 producers and suppliers in 12 countries. Products certified under the Scheme are approved inputs for a range of additional international building and infrastructure rating systems, including the UK’s Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM); the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building rating system; the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council (CIC)’s Green Product Certification (GPC) scheme and the Singapore Green Building Council’s Green Building Product Certification (SGBP) Certification Scheme.

Benefits for firms seeking SCS certification

With the introduction of SCS certification, product conformity, traceability, and sustainability certification will all now be available through ACRS.Firms seeking both independent premium product and sustainability certification can now do so through one certification body. The independence and rigour that ACRS is renowned for in Australia and New Zealand will help achieve the desired quality, environmental and socially responsible outcomes across the construction industry. 

Additional points on the SCS certification scheme

The Scheme covers production of feedstock for further processing (e.g., billets, blooms slabs, wire rod), finished steel products (e.g., carbon steel bar/coil, stainless steel bar/coil and structural steels), and fabricated materials (mesh, processed bar and welded fabrication). 

The Scheme is compatible with ACRS’ traceability provisions in ACRS “Stage 1” (Manufactured Product) and “Stage 2” (Fabricated Product) certification plus the Traceability scheme for traders and distributors.

ACRS is the sole certification body in Australasia for delivery of the SCS Scheme, the internationally recognised scheme that is compatible with ACRS’ existing certification schemes and meets local market needs.

About ACRS

Founded in 2001, the Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels (ACRS) is Australasia’s leading, not-for-profit, independent steel certification authority. ACRS provides the most technically-rigorous, internationally-aligned, independent steel certification scheme to Australian and New Zealand Standards. It conducts audits and certificates over 100 suppliers from more than 24 countries for construction materials supplied to AS, NZS, EN and BS Standards, as well as a range of Government specifications. ACRS certifies customer quality management systems and construction steel products to international quality standard ISO 9001: 2016 (or the identical ISO 9001:2015, or local equivalent); and Steelwork Fabrication and Erection Standard, AS/NZS 5131.


Founded in 1983, CARES is the world’s leading independent provider of assured certification for the constructional steels industry. We operate in over 50 countries providing confidence in product performance and provenance to discerning public and private sector clients. Our digital ecosystem offers speed and transparency in ever more complex international supply chains where safety, sustainability and product data quality are mission critical.

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