Traceability Certification Scheme

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What is ACRS Traceability

ACRS Traceability Certification certifies suppliers of steel reinforcing, steel prestressing and structural steels, and ancillary products manufactured, processed, or fabricated to ACRS Product Requirements and certified by ACRS (as “Approved Materials”) under the ACRS Product Certification Scheme.

Full traceability of products is directly correlated to improved quality and product consistency and compliance. ACRS Traceability Certification helps identify the root causes of defective products so they can be isolated, and any supplier issues addressed. It also helps identify if products are inadvertently mixed and dispatched to an otherwise unsuspecting customer.

Traceability is about providing assurance to buyers that the product they purchase is from certified manufacturers and is not from counterfeit producers. And, if product issues arise, then traceability helps identify the source of the problem.